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A benefit of being a member of the Starnet® Worldwide Commercial Flooring Partnership is access to its technical bulletin, StarLogTM. These publications address many of the concerns facing flooring contractors and their clients, and each StarLogTM offers solutions to prevent the concerns from becoming problems down the road.​


Vol. 8, Issue 2 | Carpet 101
A Primer About Carpet Construction For End Users

What are some of the performance components that make carpet perform well? Although you needn’t be an expert on all carpet matters, a basic understanding of constructIon will help you choose a carpet that meets the physical and aesthetic needs of your space. Plus...



Vol. 8, Issue 1 | Floor Preparation Estimates
What Goes Into That Magic Number...

A flooring contractor can provide a ballpark estimate during a project’s specification stage. But providing a hard quote for the actual cost is like predicting the score of a game when the first pitch is thrown. Sure, player stats and team standings may be good indicators, but...


StarLogTM  Vol. 8 Issue 2
Carpet 101

A Primer About Carpet Construction For End Users.

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Williams Scotsman, Inc. – Camino Nuevo K-8 Charter School
Allow me to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you and the team at JJJ for all of the assistance above and beyond on the Camino Nuevo project. Needless to say it was a difficult challenge created by the... Read More >